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Q. What do I need in order to fly my friends and family on a light airplane?
A. You need to hold a Private Pilot License (PPL).


Q. How can I obtain a Private Pilot License (PPL)?
A. Enroll in an Aviation Training Organization and complete theoretical and practical course.
It is required to pass written tests after the completion of theoretical lessons and a skill test after the completion of flight lessons.


Q. What do I need to attend the training course?
A. You will need the following:

  • Basic knowledge of Mathematics and Physics.
  • Basic knowledge of English.
  • 16 years to fly SOLO.
  • Good health to passget a medical check.ertificate


Q. What is a medical check and when do I need to pass it?
A. You will need a medical check to get a Medical Certificate prior to your solo flight on the airplane. It is suggested you obtain your medical certificate before starting your flight training


Q. Where do I get a Medical Certificate?
A. Initial Medical examination can be performed only at an Aero-Medical Centre (AeMC) certified to perform class 1 and class 2 aero-medical examinations.


Q. How long does it take to get a pilot’s license?
A. That depends on your available time.
A fast course needs 8 weeks of theoretical study and minimum 40 hours of flight time (most people finish close to 50 hours of flight time).
Combined Theoretical and Practical lessons take 3 to 4 months.


Q. What kind of Airplane will I be flying?
A. Single Engine Light airplanes of 2-4 seats (e.g. Cessna 172, Cessna 152, Piper PA28, etc.).


Q. How safe is it to fly a single Engine Airplane and what could happen when the engine fail?
A. All airplanes are safe to fly even light ones. If engine fails, airplanes still can fly in gliding condition converting altitude to distance of flight (approximately 100 meters height – 1200 meters distance) in order to reach a safe place for landing.


Q. What it is included in Pilot Training Course?
A. Theoretical knowledge on subjects:

  • Air Law and Air Traffic Control procedures.
  • Aircraft systems and instrumentation.
  • Principle of Flight and Aerodynamics.
  • Meteorology.
  • General and Radio Navigation.
  • Operating procedures.
  • Human performance.
  • Communication.
  • Flight performance and planning.


Flight training:

  • Normal and abnormal flight maneuvers and training.
  • Take off and Landings.
  • Advanced maneuvers.
  • Cross country flight (fly to another airport).


Q. What is the cost & the pricing policy?
A. Training fees are paid in advance and according to your progress.
Total cost for PPL varies from 10.500€ to 11.500€ depending on how many flying hours you need to finish the course.


Q. What does Acrofly offer?
A. Acrofly offers various Pilot programs under European Regulations (EASA), valuable theoretical and flight lessons delivered by high experienced instructors in professional way. Overall, a unique learning.


Q. Where does Theoretical lessons take place?
A. Acrofly developed training programs based on the current conditions.
Combination of self-study through distant learning process and review of subjects in a well-equipped classroom assure the best learning results.


Q. Where do I sit the exams?
A. All the exams can be taken at HCAA (ΣΠΟΑ) examination center every month.


Q. Where does Flight Training take place?
A. Acrofly main operating airport is at Megara Attica (LGMG).
We understand though, the conveniency and the saving in time and cost for each pilot to do their flight training at an airport near to their homeplace; so Acrofly can use any suitable for training and available airport in Greece.


Q. Where does skill test take place?
A. At the airport you completed your practical training and by an EASA Flight Examiner.

We understand you may have more questions so please feel free to contact us either
by email: or
by telephone +30 211 4115747