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Acrofly personnel (managers and instructors) have a lot of experience on operating and training. From light airplanes up to bigger airlines, trainer’s experience guarantee the professional way of training combined with efficiency and the highest safety standards.


Understanding the value of time of each individual, Acrofly designed the training in a way that keep students close to their home.


Theory takes place based on distant learning process and flights can take place at an airport close to student’s base.


Pafos (PFO) and Larnaka (LCA), are only few of the airports we may use for training. Acrofly can “contribute” to your training and make YOU to combine pilot’s training in Europe and USA.


The benefits are plenty, with the total outcome the most comprehensive training with the best experience that accompany students to their future career.


In cooperation with aviation university our students can get their bachelor’s degree on aviation related fields.


Our affiliation recruitment company (AviaMRT) can support the JOB placement for Acrofly graduated students.


Our team is here to provide more information about your training and answer any question you may have.



Acrofly design training courses based on actual requirements…

Emphasis is given to efficient training at reduced cost but keeping high quality of training

The flexibility to train students on their own or nearby to them airports save time and reduce cost.

The combination of starting Pilot training at your place makes easier to enter in a new environment
with advancing experience and knowledge by continue to USA.


The benefits are numerous:

  • better practice on English language
  • better flying environment
  • more airports
  • more and different types of aircrafts
  • 24 hours of operation.
  • Faster completion of flights
  • Holder of dual licenses FAA and EASA (!)


All these with the same cost as you were trained in Europe.
MCC courses are completed on a type Fix based Simulator preparing student towards his future type
as Airbus A 320, Boeing B737, ATR 42/72…

Our promoting course “the flyers” combines all these benefits.


Pilots take no special joy in walking. Pilots like flying.
-Neil Armstrong